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2019 Student Scholarship Recipients:

Carly Bender

Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and Statistics
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Special Needs Education

Carly Bender finds joy in honoring the legacy of donors and helping them reignite their love for Oklahoma State. Serving as a secretary for the OSU Student Foundation, Carly connects donors and alumni with their orange passions. The junior also coordinated rEcess, a ministry for disabled children. Carly and several other volunteers care for disabled children while their parents have a date night.

Carly is studying actuarial and financial mathematics and statistics. She spends countless hours solving complex homework problems, and scholarships allow her to dedicate more time to her studies. She’s thankful for WOSU’s investment in her future and excited to see how that investment will transform her life.

After graduating in 2020, Carly hopes to work for a company that aligns with her values. She hopes to find a job where she can continuously improve herself and where her creative spirit can flourish.

Alison Booth

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Mustang, Oklahoma


Individual Philanthropy

Alison Booth has always had a heart for serving others and learning. She cultivated this passion from watching how her parents acted and impacted other people. Alison has been incredibly active in campus organizations. She has spent time on the planning committee for the Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma, as a President’s Partner on the Student Alumni Board, a member of the University Honors Council and as the Vice President of Stewardship for the OSU Student Foundation.

Alongside her extensive volunteering, Alison has achieved a 4.0 GPA in her hospitality and tourism management honors degree program. As an intern in the OSU Foundation’s event’s department she has shown her passion for philanthropy while displaying a level a maturity and infectious positivity that is rarely seen in people her age.

Alison has excelled in each position she’s held and shown the willingness to step into leadership roles without hesitation. Following her graduation in 2020, Alison wants to have a career in event planning for a non-profit organization.

Seraiah Coe

Biological Science/Natural Resource Ecology and Management
McKinney, Texas


Wildlife Education and Conservation

For Seraiah Coe, philanthropy is about more than just bettering society as a whole, it’s also about improving who you are as a person. She has found ways to improve herself while serving and impacting her community through her volunteer work with the Grey Snow Eagle House, The Heard Natural History Museum, Our Daily Bread and 1is2 Many.

Seraiah has been successful in the classroom and is an active researcher of native wildlife and its relationship with humans. She holds a 4.0 GPA and had a manuscript published in The Journal of Introductory Biology Investigation. Her success and volunteer work helped her be selected as a McKnight Scholar and a Top 10 Freshmen Woman.

Seraiah hopes to use the skills and knowledge she gains at OSU to continue educating the public on wildlife conservation and researching the relationships between wildlife and humans.

Peighton Coleman

Elementary Education
Tuttle, Oklahoma


Early Childhood Education

Peighton Coleman was born with a heart for service and has let it shine in many ways throughout high school and college. She volunteered with the Special Olympics all four years of high school and served as a literacy tutor in college. At Oklahoma State, Peighton is also a member of the pom squad and earned the reputation as the “go-to girl” on the team. She is always ready and willing to help her teammates whenever they’re in need.

Being a member of the OSU Pom Squad, Peighton participates in multiple community service and event programs. This includes Read Across America, Posse Auction, Grandparent University, Fan Day, Into the Streets and many more. She has shown a constant willingness to serve others while at OSU, logging over 220 hours of community service with the pom squad.

Peighton hopes to use her passion for educating children and serving others by starting a foundation to address problems in the educational system that impede literacy. She is extremely motivated to give her future students all the information needed to be successful in their education. She wants to hold a position in Oklahoma’s state legislature to influence positive change for all children in the state.

Lana Duke

First-Year Medical Student
Osteopathic Medicine
Edmond, Oklahoma


Community and Rural Healthcare in Oklahoma

Lana Duke’s intense passion for serving others has guided her to find innovative ways to positively impact her community. The fourth-generation Cowgirl’s passion for improving the lives of others shined brightly with her involvement in Eagle Adventure and Native Vision, two events promoting healthy living within her Native American community, and in her coordination of the N7 Nike Youth Movement Field Day at OSU.

Lana grew up with two parents that lead happy and healthy lives while continually helping others to do the same. Their passion, love, support and commitment to their family, careers and health inspired Lana to impact others’ lives the way her parents impacted hers. She partnered with Food on the Move to initiate medical screenings and a student-ran resource table at their monthly Tulsa events.

Lana has received numerous awards and served in multiple leadership roles while at OSU. She hopes to use her a passion for health and wellness and the knowledge she has learned from OSU to impact the lives of those in rural and underserved Oklahoma as a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

Courtney Keeney

Wirt June Newman Memorial Scholarship

Plant and Soil Sciences
Eagletown, Oklahoma


The FFA Organization

Courtney Keeney’s work ethic, attitude and desire to find ways to truly help others has led her to success during her time at OSU. She grew up being very active with 4-H, which grew into serving as an FFA officer while in high school.

When she reached college, Courtney became involved in the Ag Ambassadors group, which allowed her to take part in several events like the Salvation Army Holiday Campaign, the Eastern Oklahoma State College Homecoming Dinner and to be a judge for the local FFA Prepared Public Speaking and Land Judging Contests.

Courtney has a passion for protecting Earth’s natural resources and started working toward this goal with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Through assisting in field work and speaking with members of the industry, she is learning more about conservation programs, practices and the financial programs that coincide with them. This knowledge will assist her in making a difference in the conservation of natural resources.

Rachel Terry

Biology — Pre-Medical
Edmond, Oklahoma


Education, Research and Healthcare

Rachel Terry is no stranger to philanthropy, volunteering and service. While in college, she has found ways to get involved and make a difference. Rachel has spent countless hours working with community organizations like CowboyThon, the OSU Wesley Foundation and the Stillwater Humane Society. She is always searching for ways to make an impact in her community.

As an honors student planning on a medical career, Rachel has excelled in the classroom while spending more than 140 hours shadowing physicians from multiple fields. She had the distinction of being named an OSU Top 10 Freshmen Woman in 2017 and received numerous other awards and honors. Rachel is currently the president of the OSU Student Foundation and an active member of many other campus organizations, such as the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council.

Rachel hopes to use her love for serving and the passion for research and health care she’s gained at OSU to find new ways to affect the lives of her future patients. She looks forward to finding even more philanthropic opportunities in the future.

Alexis Vance

Chemical Engineering
Leawood, Kansas


Engineering Research and Service

Alexis Vance’s giving spirit and ingenious curiosity has led her across the globe and close to outer space. The student was able to combine her passions of service and science when she spent a summer tutoring underprivileged student in South Africa. The experience opened her eyes to global issues that she hopes to solve as an engineer.

Alexis is currently working for NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. There she will be focusing on facility design and International Space Station operations. The junior will spend the next few years splitting her time between NASA and attaining her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

With skills from her time volunteering, on-campus activities and NASA, Alexis wants to tackle global challenges with innovative solutions. After graduating, she hopes to combine her passions for engineering and service to help people suffering from poverty, natural disasters, and people fleeing political turmoil.

Christine Walters

Sheryl Benbrook Women for OSU Scholarship

Ph.D. Student
Nutritional Sciences
Concord, Ohio


Childhood Development and Wellbeing

Christine Walters has a unique set of skills that allow her to give back to her community. As a Ph.D. student in nutritional sciences and child nutrition at OSU, She has already used her academic excellence to volunteer several times in Africa. She has spent thousands of hours helping children there by distributing books or providing emergency care.

Helping children both globally and at home has become a way of life for Christine. She serves as a foster parent and foster care recruiter for Payne County. She takes pride in her role and works hard to make a difference in the lives of each child she cares for. Christine wants to give hope to each and every displaced child.

Although Christine enjoyed briefly being a dietitian, she yearned to go back to school. She loves learning, growing and challenging herself intellectually and has aspirations to become a professor. Christine wants to educate future generations about nutrition misinformation and child malnutrition ¬— laying the foundation for future health and child care.

Caitlin Way

Third-Year Medical Student
Osteopathic Medicine
Mitchell, South Dakota



When Caitlin Way was an undergraduate, her mentor asked what produced a righteous fire and passion inside of her. Caitlin has used that question and the meaning behind it to find her philanthropic passions. During her undergraduate years, she found a passion for mentoring middle and high-school-aged children. She wanted to invest her time and resources in a way that would make a lasting impact and hopefully provide the direction and guidance that many of them were not receiving.

Caitlin is currently working toward becoming a doctor of osteopathic medicine. While in medical school, she served as the OSU Osteopathic Obstetrics and Gynecology Student Association secretary and as the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s student ambassador. Aside from school and volunteering, Caitlin also reached the rank of 2nd lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

Caitlin aspires to be an Ob/Gyn and use those skills along with her new passion for women’s health to help diagnose and treat gynecological issues for women throughout her community before they become disruptive issues.

Past Student Scholarship Recipients:


  • Lacy Brame, Osteopathic Medicine, Norman, OK
  • Jacquelyn Crawford, Applied Technology; Horticulture, Jones, OK
  • Lourdes FelixCuret, Liberal Studies, Oklahoma City, OK and San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Cardin Hart, Chemical Engineering, Edmond, OK
  • Natalie Keirns, Psychology, Haysville, KS
  • Ashley Knoch, Integrative Biology, New Kensington, PA
  • Rebecca Lane, Chemical Engineering, Beulah, CO
  • Jasmyn Lee, Civil Engineering, Lawton, OK
  • Sarah Oliver, Biochemistry; Pre-Law, Ardmore, OK
  • Pratishtha Poudel, Crop Science, Bharatpur, Rajastahan, Nepal
  • Erin Wood, Psychology, Rogers, AR
  • Emma Woolard, Agribusiness; Pre-Law, Wolfforth, TX


  • Christina Anaya, Integrative Biology, Fallbrook, California
  • Krista Boston-Fullerton, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Stigler, Oklahoma
  • Megan DeVuyst, Agribusiness, Morrison, OK
  • Abbey Grimes, Microbiology, Bartlesville, OK
  • Darci Klein, Counseling Psychology, St. Louis, MO
  • Wendy Lau Wong, Industrial Engineering and Management, Panama City, Panama & Oklahoma City, OK
  • Courtney Mapes, Animal Science, Alva, OK
  • Sulochana Paudyal, Entomology, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
  • Ayrianna Swanson, Microbiology and Biochemistry; French, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Karlie Wade, Agricultural Communications; Pre-Law, Perry, OK


  • Taylor Brown, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Austyn Iven, Sports Media, Stillwater, OK
  • Jacquelyn Lane, Chemical Engineering, Beulah, CO
  • Savannah Martin, Microbiology, Duncan, OK
  • Alexandria Mullins, Clinical Psychology, Haworth, OK
  • Emma Murray, Creative Writing, Poetry, Council Bluffs, IA
  • Sarah Sauer, Nutritional Sciences, Pre-Dental, Highland Village, TX
  • Ricki Schroeder, Agribusiness and Agricultural Leadership, Kremlin, OK
  • Audrey Woods, Mental Health Counseling, Dallas, TX


  • Lindsay Azlin, Agricultural Education, Wewoka, OK
  • Julia Benbrook, Multimedia Journalism, Woodward, OK
  • Kourtney Brooks, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Tuttle, OK
  • Mayra Castanon, Nurse Science, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Roxanne Cobb, Crime Victim/Survivor Services, Conway, AR
  • Macy Hula, Human Development and Family Science, Enid, OK
  • Allison Meinders, Accounting and Finance, Woodward, OK
  • Amanda Sandoval, Enterprise Development, Oklahoma City, OK


  • Charlie Gibson, Economics, Ada, OK
  • Nadir Nibras, Biomedical Engineering, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Nicole Ralston, Marketing, Stillwater, OK
  • Chacey Schoeppel, Agribusiness and Pre-Law, Fairview, OK
  • Aubrey Scott, Early Childhood Education, Owasso, OK


  • Marti Going, Mulitmedia Journalism, Pryor, OK
  • Alysa Hooper, Human Development and Family Science, Norman, OK
  • Hannah Langley, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Winfield, KS
  • Rebekah Sook, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Midwest City, OK
  • Chris Stockton, Management and Accouting, Duncan, OK


  • Rachel Benbrook, Strategic Communications, Woodward, OK
  • Kelsey Cottom, Agricultural Communications, Morrison, OK
  • Katie Haning, Chemical Engineering, Allen, TX
  • Mallory Ross, Agricultural Communications, Woodward, OK
  • Amelia Wilson, Spanish, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Stillwater, OK


  • Haley Baumgardner, Agribusiness, Carrier, OK
  • Qualla Parman, Biosystems Engineering, Warner, OK
  • Alyssa Peterson, Biological Sciences, Edmond, OK
  • Carly Schnaithman, Agribusiness, Garber, OK


  • Rachel Branch, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Guthrie, OK
  • Sara Roberts, Art History, Weatherford, OK


  • Sarah Cary, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Tulsa, OK

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