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Transformational gift from alumni leads to new name for OSU's agriculture college

January 15, 2020

Historic gift launches New Frontiers fundraising campaign to create state-of-the-art research and teaching facility Read More

New Frontiers

Things You Should Know About the SECURE Act

January 12, 2020

On January 1, 2020, a new piece of legislation known as the SECURE Act became enforceable. This will impact some IRAs now and others later, but we have all the most important information for you. Read More

Music. Magic. McKnight.

December 19, 2019

More than music filled the air at the Opening Gala at The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts. There was magic in the atmosphere, a blend of elegance and art to rival the finest halls in the largest cities, bestowing a brightness on the venue and its guests. Read More

McKnight Center

Composing a Legacy

December 18, 2019

The names of 22 families and organizations glow subtly from wooden tiles inlaid in the wall of the Patron Lounge on the second floor of The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts. They represent the early adopters of the project who boldly invested $1 million or more to see the vision of The McKnight Center and its programming endowment come to fruition. Read More

McKnight Center

Amplifying Art

December 17, 2019

A 12-foot twisted ribbon-like bronze sculpture, DNA IV, anchors the outdoor plaza at The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts, where surround sound and a giant screen offer new ways for the community to interact with art at Oklahoma State University. Read More

McKnight Center Art

Growing in Harmony

December 17, 2019

With the opening of The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts, and a new home for the Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music, music performance and education at Oklahoma State University will reach a level few universities can match. Read More

McKnight Center Greenwood School of Music