“75 for 75” Campaign Honoring Nancy Randolph Davis’ Historic OSU Enrollment Surpasses Goal

Seventy-five years ago, Nancy Davis made history.

In 1949, she became the first Black student to enroll at Oklahoma A&M, paving the way for greater inclusion at Oklahoma State University. Ms. Davis proved that all students can succeed in their educational goals, an idea that remains innate in OSU’s land-grant mission.

In celebration of this momentous 75th anniversary, the OSU Foundation in partnership with the Division of Access and Community Impact, launched the “75 for 75” capital campaign with the goal of increasing the endowment of the Nancy Randolph Davis Memorial Endowed Scholarship to $75,000. The scholarship was established in 2015.

The initiative raised $79,225 to further support students and amplify the transformative impact of Ms. Davis’ legacy at OSU.

“Through the inspiration of Nancy Randolph Davis, we work each day to make every member of the OSU community feel welcomed and valued, regardless of their background or geography,” said OSU President Kayse Shrum. “There are times in life when I think we should pause and think about those who came before us, those that made it possible for me to be here today as a female president, and Ms. Davis is certainly among that group.”

Ms. Davis’ son, Calvin, and his wife, Renee, kicked off the campaign with a $25,000 matching gift that would meet every subsequent contribution dollar for dollar until the goal was achieved. The successful campaign concluded on April 14, the birthday of Ms. Davis, who died in 2015.

“The Cowboy family’s support for this capital initiative has truly honors Ms. Davis’ legacy of making a difference,” said Donovan Woods, director of development for OSU’s Division of Access and Community Impact. “To not only meet, but also exceed our goal allows us to continue fostering an environment at OSU that enables every student to reach their full potential.”

To learn more about how you can make a difference at OSU, visit osugiving.com.