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The success of Oklahoma State University is dependent upon the participation of many, including our valued faculty and staff across all five campuses. As an OSU family, you support university initiatives and programs through your daily contribution of time and talents.

Thank you for your dedication to OSU and showing that Cowboys have pride, Cowboys lead by example, and Cowboys show up when they’re needed.

Last year, our faculty and staff, across all five campuses, came together to make a difference for OSU.







Regardless of size, your gift counts you among those who don’t just say they believe in OSU and its mission - they show it. Your participation can support any area you choose and will continue to transform OSU into a premier land-grant institution.

We want to thank you for supporting OSU - the Cowboy Way!

Areas of Support

Each campus has identified areas of impact for their colleges and departments. Please review these funds to find an area to support

Make Your Gift

You can help make a difference at OSU by supporting your passion in a variety of ways

Thank you for ensuring that Oklahoma State University is America’s Brightest Orange

For more information about the Faculty and Staff Drive, please contact us by phone at 405.385.0730 or by email at thecowboyway@osugiving.com