Women for OSU is led by an advisory Council with an established giving history to the university and a passion for OSU.

Role of the Council

WOSU Council The Women for OSU Council is made up of approximately 40 women with a minimum lifetime family giving history of $50,000. The Council advises OSU Foundation staff on programs and activities focused on inspiring and engaging other women with Oklahoma State.

They are role models for philanthropic leadership and serve throughout the year on focused teams aimed at engaging alumni and friends of OSU. Each year, members agree to make a $1,000 annual commitment to Women for OSU while serving on the Council. The Council meets three to four times annually.

Honorary members include OSU’s first lady and may include other prominent OSU alumnae and women leaders. Honorary members will be informed of all activities and their involvement may vary depending on the individual’s interest and time. Past Council members will also be informed of all events and activities, except for regular Council meetings.

Council Teams and Responsibilities

LEADERSHIP TEAM: Leadership will consist of the Women for OSU Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair and Team Chairs. The Leadership Team is charged with setting agendas, monitoring team responsibilities and activities and making recommendations/decisions on behalf of the Council. Leadership will meet three to four times annually in addition to Council meetings. Minutes of these meetings will be provided to the Council at their subsequent meeting.

CHAIR: The Chair provides leadership for the Council and Leadership Team and serves a two-year term. She is responsible for conducting meetings of the Leadership Team and the Council.

VICE-CHAIR: The Vice-Chair provides assistance to the Chair and represents Women for OSU on the OSU Foundation Governors Development Committee. The Vice-Chair will conduct meetings in the absence of the Chair and provide additional support as needed to the Chair. The Vice-Chair serves a two-year term and then moves into the Chair position.

PAST-CHAIR: The Past-Chair leads the nomination process for officers, team chairs and new Council members. She serves for two years following her term as Chair to provide continuity/institutional memory.

TEAM CHAIRS: Team Chairs provide leadership to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Council. Team Chairs serve for two years. Team Chairs will solicit membership to serve on their team from Council members and occasionally from those outside the Council.

  • Awards and Recognition Team: Focuses on the selection of the annual scholarship recipients and the Philanthropist of the Year recipient. The team will review and clarify criteria for these awards and revise the process for selection as needed.
  • Events Team: Focuses on all aspects of the annual symposium event to include speaker selection, program and logistics. This group is also charged with assisting in planning related to regional events and Council retreats, as well as other activities.
  • External Relations Team: Focuses on establishing the strategy to increase awareness and philanthropic support for Women for OSU and its initiatives. The team will work with OSU Foundation staff to identify and solicit donors, as well as to execute the stewardship of these donors through print and online materials.
  • Mentorship Team: Collaborates with campus partners to identify opportunities to engage with students in order to encourage and develop them in their philanthropic and leadership pursuits. This team will be directly involved in the shaping and instruction of a course focused on mentoring/educating students as leaders.
  • Nominations Team: Meets annually to review nominees for the Council and determine a slate of individuals to be invited to become Council members.

Council Members

Current Members

Courtney Baugher
Robin Byford
Donna Clack
Amy Cline
Pat Cobb
Kirsten Daniel
Suzanne Day
Kayleen Ferguson
Leah Gungoll
Brenda Hawkins
Rhonda Hooper
Vicki Howard
Jeanene Jenkins Hulsey
Claudia Humphreys
Beth Jackson
Traci Jensen
Sharon Keating
Julia Lambert
Jami Longacre
Lori Maine
Michelle Martin
Pam Martin
Amy Mitchell
Ann Oglesby
Leslie Paris
Jennifer Poole
Jenelle Schatz
Gwen Shaw
Terry Slagle
Karen Stewart
Melinda Stinnett
Marnie Taylor
Lucina Thompson
Sharon Trojan
Diane Tuttle
Julie Valentine
Leslie Woolley

Honorary Members

Blaire Atkinson
Dr. Pamela Fry
First Cowgirl Ann Hargis
Dr. Kayse Shrum

Past Members

Alison Anthony
Judi Baker
Sheryl Benbrook
Kathy Brown
Jane Butts
Cheryl Clerico
Jan Cloyde
Suzie Crowder
Diane Dross
Cindy Eimen
Nancy Payne Ellis
Fran Evans
Malinda Berry Fischer
Marybeth Glass
Anne Greenwood
Jennifer Grigsby
Beverly Groom
Ann Halligan
Phyllis Hudecki
Cathey Humphreys
Susan Jacques
Cathy Jameson
Amy Jameson
Judy Johnson
Martha Johnston
Dr. Patricia Knaub
Caroline Linehan
Peggy McCormick
Dr. Candice McKee
Retta Miller
Connie Mitchell
Carol Morsani
Sara Myers
Ramona Paul*
Roxanne Pollard
Trish Houston Prawl
Grace Provence
Sara Bradshaw Ray
Helen Newman Roche
Fran Sorenson*
Becky Steen
Raina Rose Tagle
Julie Teubner
Marilynn Thoma
Cindy Waits
Peggy Welch
Connie Wiese
Suzanne Wiese*
Esther Winterfeldt

⋆ Deceased