ITServe Alliance Establishes Four STEM Scholarships at OSU

The nation’s largest association of information technology professionals is committed to making a difference at Oklahoma State University.

ITServe Alliance has established four ITServe STEM scholarships at OSU, each worth $5,000, to support students studying in a STEM field. It’s part of a larger scholarship initiative that the organization is pushing at more than 20 universities across the country.

A total of 75 scholarships were awarded by ITServe Alliance in 2023, totaling nearly $400,000 in financial support.

“It’s all about supporting and preparing the United States with next generation skill that is required so we can continue to be the place where innovation happens,” said Tanuj Gundlapalli, ITServe STEM Scholarships executive chair.

ITServe Alliance is a conglomerate of more than 2,000 companies and serves as a platform to collaborate and advocate for IT industry policy making. It hopes these scholarships will help provide a growing supply of young talent in the field that these companies need.

“We all look for STEM talent, but we can’t always find enough people,” Gundlapalli said. “So why can’t we help create more skills and resources in the country? That’s my motivation, and I believe in that mission.”

Gundlapalli is the first chairperson to take charge of the scholarship initiative. He earned his bachelor’s degree in India before immigrating to the United States to continue his education. However, he quickly learned how much of a financial burden that would become.

“I completed 10 credits at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and I realized there was just no way I could afford it, so I discontinued my master’s,” Gundlapalli said. “I ended up continuing my education at other universities, but someone else paid for it.”

Gundlapalli’s story shows how financial aid can open doors for aspiring STEM professionals. He hopes the scholarships will allow students the flexibility to work on more projects, learn more skills and gain more certifications while in school so they can be best prepared for the job market.

Finn Poling, a chemical engineering senior, is one of four OSU students to receive an ITServe STEM scholarship, which has made a big impact on their college career.

Finn Poling

“The ITServe STEM Scholarship has been very meaningful to me because I’m able to not worry as much about finances,” Poling said. “I can really focus on school work and make the most out of my college experience thanks to scholarships like this.”

After graduation, Poling wants to go into biomedical engineering or biotechnology and make a difference in underprivileged communities.

“There are a lot of bright people in those areas who are just waiting for the chance to shine,” Poling said. “I want to try to be in some position of leadership and help be a voice for underprivileged communities.“

Poling’s goal aligns with ITServe Alliance's mission to give students in underserved and rural areas the best opportunity to find their place in the metropolitan STEM workforce.

“There’s a lot of talent in these areas, but they don’t know where to start in terms of going into the city and looking into the job market,” Gundlapalli said. “One of our goals is to help connect remote STEM talent to the mainstream and give them access to more resources.”

Numerous donors from ITServe’s Dallas chapter contributed toward these scholarships, including:

  • Devendeer Aerrabrolu, Tek Leaders Inc.
  • Jagadeesh Mosali, Redbud Technologies Inc.
  • Manohar Kasagani, Sainar Solutions
  • Satish Manduva, IntelliSoft
  • Praveen Chintha, Innovative Intelligent Solutions
  • Suresh Potluri, Quiddity Infotech
  • Sreenivas Vemula, VCloud Global
  • Viswa Kandi, V3 Tech
  • Madhu Maredu, Conch Technologies
  • Shiva Jasti, Sage IT

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