Our Team

The OSU Student Foundation is composed of approximately 45 outstanding student leaders representing diverse areas of study, but sharing a common passion for the future success of Oklahoma State. Their mission is to serve OSU by educating the campus about charitable giving. As valuable representatives of the OSU Foundation, the students use their passion and talents to work toward the betterment of OSU.

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Student Foundation gives students the unique opportunity to meet and work with our most loyal and true alumni. Become a leader on campus today and inspire the spirit of philanthropy throughout Oklahoma State University!

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Our 2021-2022 Leadership team

William Yadon


Jenny Cook

Vice President of Membership

Jillian Gore

Vice President of Communications

Carson Cansler

Vice President of Giving Campaigns

Jonathan Foster

Vice President of Stewardship

Jaycie Cash

Vice President of New Member

Harrison Themer


Our 2021-2022 Members

  • Abby Wilton, Senior
  • Addie White, Junior
  • Ashlea Cole, Senior
  • Audrey Ochsner, Junior
  • Breann Loeber, Senior
  • Bryanna Nickel, Junior
  • Ellie Billingsley, Senior
  • Emile Mittelstaedt, Senior
  • Emily Smith, Sophomore
  • Eva Hinrichsen, Junior
  • Georgia Milhem, Junior
  • Ginny Lamkin, Junior
  • Hanna Boyd, Senior
  • Hudson Myers, Sophomore
  • Jared Youngblood, Senior
  • Kait Lane, Senior
  • Karley White, Junior
  • Katie Evans, Senior
  • Kaylyn Branen, Senior
  • Kenzie Massaro, Senior
  • Latasha Binford, Sophomore
  • Leah Rider, Senior
  • Maddy Willis, Senior
  • Maggie Frank, Sophomore
  • Makinley Kennedy, Sophomore
  • McKenzie Meuleveld, Senior
  • Olivia Ballard, Sophomore
  • Payton David, Senior
  • Rachel Slater, Senior
  • Reed Aldridge, Senior
  • Robert Owens, Junior
  • Sadie Freudenberger, Senior
  • Samuel Oakes, Sophomore
  • Taryn Roberts, Senior
  • Vanessa Moore, Senior
  • Victoria Foster, Sophomore