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Students who study abroad often say it is the most meaningful experience of their undergraduate or graduate career. Such experiences have become not only common, but a key component in a complete academic program. OSU's Study Abroad/National Student Exchange Office offers almost 70 exchanges in 33 countries and is affiliated with many other organizations and institutions that provide opportunities to suit the diverse needs of OSU students.

Areas of Impact

When you support the Study Abroad, you help shape the future for Oklahoma State University. By contributing to the fund(s) below, you make our future brighter orange!

Study Abroad Fund

20-47400 - This Operating Funds-General Purpose fund benefits students through GEN UNIV - Academic Affairs.

Student Affairs Leadership Excellence Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship

34-86250 - This operating fund benefits programs through Student Affairs.

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The mission of the Oklahoma State University Division of International Studies and Outreach is to advance the globalization of OSU and facilitate the university’s engagement with state, national, and international communities by fulfilling compelling educational needs and advancing the development of Oklahoma. IS&O acts upon a vision to provide superior internationalization strategies and outreach programs and services that prepare people to excel in a changing global community.

IS&O encompasses the School of International Studies, the Wes Watkins Center Conference and Meeting Services, Distance Learning and Correspondence Education, and provides support and assistance to the Outreach offices of all OSU colleges.

The Study Abroad/National Student Exchange Office coordinates a variety of programs, both international and domestic, that helps students connect to the world. That includes facilitating scholarships such as the Donald and Cathey Humphreys Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship, which funds long-term study abroad experiences for students with demonstrated need.