Scholarships and graduate fellowships invite every able student to dream big, work hard and exceed expectations through life-changing opportunities. They help OSU offer an excellent education as affordably as possible, and they empower the university to competitively recruit the brightest young scholars.

Areas of Impact

When you support the Scholarships, you help shape the future for Oklahoma State University. By contributing to the fund(s) below, you make our future brighter orange!

General Scholarship Fund

20-24400 - This Operating Funds-Dept fund benefits programs through the General University.

Brighter Future Endowed Scholarship Fund

20-03530 - This scholarship fund benefits students through the General University.

Student Scholarships

Motivated students will go to great lengths to secure a top-notch education.

For every inventive risk-taker, every hard-driving self-starter on our campus, there’s a story of sacrifice. In small doses, sacrifice has value. But we need to keep financial burdens low if we mean to prepare graduates for unfettered futures and meet the scholarship giving opportunities needed most as outlined by President Hargis.

With increased undergraduate and graduate scholarship funding, we can help students focus on what they’ll get out of OSU—and what they’ll eventually give back.

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Types of Scholarships

  1. Need-based scholarships, which are crucial to keeping OSU affordable for students with limited financial support.
  2. Merit-based scholarships, which position the university to attract scholars who are considering multiple institutions.
  3. Memorial scholarships, which honor loved ones, special mentors, professors or friends.
  4. Endowed scholarships, which provide a continued source of assistance for OSU students.
  5. Unendowed scholarships, which maximize a gift's immediate impact for today's students.

Endowment Minimums

Endowments are established through the following minimums:

  1. Undergraduate Scholarship - $25,000
  2. Graduate Fellowship – $50,000
  3. President's Distinguished Scholarship or Distinguished Graduate Fellowship – $60,000
  4. Athletic Scholarships – $125,000

Learn more about Endowed Gifts at OSU.