Research is a key pillar in OSU's land-grant mission. Our pursuit of knowledge adds richness and depth to teaching and outreach.

Areas of Impact

When you support the Research, you help shape the future for Oklahoma State University. By contributing to the fund(s) below, you make our future brighter orange!

The Opioid Initiative Fund

20-37230 - This operating fund supports Academic Affairs.

The Microbiome Initiative Fund

20-37220 - This operating fund supports Academic Affairs.

The Rural Renewal Initiative Fund

20-37210 - This operating fund supports Academic Affairs.

General Research Fund

20-35300 - This research fund benefits programs through GEN UNIV - Academic Affairs.

The Drone Initiative Fund

20-37240 - This operating fund supports Academic Affairs.

Research findings improve quality of life by bringing new products, processes and medicines to the marketplace. Research through innovation is the engine that drives economic development. Research through the social sciences and humanities improves our well-being. Research through creative artistry enhances our view and appreciation of the world.

OSU’s researchers are engaged in research across the full spectrum of human endeavor and inquiry, including areas of state and national priority. Research in plant and animal science places OSU at the forefront of agricultural biotechnology research. OSU researchers also participate in initiatives to understand and advance the role of sustainability in all aspects of our lives.

This includes the development of biofuels and many other projects to increase energy efficiency. OSU’s energy research is focused on providing solutions for the current and future needs of the nation as our scientists work in collaboration with private, state and federal sectors to enable the nation’s transition to a sustainable energy future. OSU’s sensor-related researchers investigate more effective ways to protect our nation’s food, our environment and our first responders.

Research into many aspects of aerospace, from control engineering to human space flight, enables OSU to support the growing aerospace economy of the state. OSU is a national leader in the design of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The University is the first in the world to offer a graduate degree option for UAS. These and many other research areas are currently active within our University community, each contributing to the enhancement of the quality of all our lives.

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To learn more about research at Oklahoma State University, please visit this website.

Tier 1 Research Initiatives

Research has always been a core pillar at Oklahoma State University. OSU is constantly searching for ways to address societal needs with work through four dynamic Tier 1 Research Initiatives. These initiatives are a cornerstone of the university's overall research mission and show OSU's commitment to serve Oklahoma and society as a whole. Learn more about Tier 1 Research Initiatives here.

  • Drone Initiative: Drones Serving Our Safety and Environment is part of OSU's Unmanned Systems Research Institute. The project is led by engineering faculty and works to develop applications, tools and aircraft platforms for using unmanned aerial vehicles to address multiple heath and safety arenas.
  • The Opioid Initiative: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic is the research arm of the Center for Wellness and Recovery, based at the OSU Center for Health Sciences. This initiative focuses on understanding the causes, effects and effective interventions for opioid addiction.
  • The Microbiome Initiative: Connecting the Microbiome to Health. This initiative brings together OSU experts from biology, human and veterinary medicine, computer science, mathematics, behavioral sciences, social sciences and engineering to better understand microbiome-associated diseases and processes that impact health.
  • The Rural Initiative: Ensuring the Future of Rural Oklahoma. Many rural communities in Oklahoma, as well as throughout the U.S. and the world, are jeopardized by natural resource degradation, climate change, drought and sociocultural trends. The Rural Initiative will strive to inspire, empower and coordinate rural renewal research at OSU and beyond to help ensure a bright future for the world's rural communities.

To learn how private donations and corporate sponsorships help shape the future of research at Oklahoma State, contact Stacey Smith.

Meet the Vice President of Research

Sewell Kenneth

Kenneth Sewell joined Oklahoma State University as the Vice President for Research at Oklahoma State University in 2015 and additionally serves as the president of the OSU Research Foundation. Dr. Sewell holds degrees from Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, which is where he completed his doctoral degree.

In addition to his roles within OSU, Dr. Sewell currently serves on the Governor’s Science and Technology Advisory Council, and on the Oklahoma EPSCoR State Advisory Committee. Nationally, Dr. Sewell serves on the Executive Committee of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ Council on Research (CoR) and is a workgroup lead for CoR’s Public Impact-Focused Research initiative.