What began as a small town harvest carnival at the beginning of the twentieth century has evolved into what is now "America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration." Along the way, with the support of the OSU Alumni Association and the efforts of the student body, OSU's Homecoming has grown into a week-long spectacular that draws tens of thousands of alumni, family and friends back home to Stillwater each fall.

Areas of Impact

When you support the Homecoming, you help shape the future for Oklahoma State University. By contributing to the fund(s) below, you make our future brighter orange!

Homecoming and Student Programming Endowment

20-90750 - This Operating Funds-Dept / Program Specific fund benefits students through GEN UNIV - Alumni Association.

For 90 years, the OSU Alumni Association has presented “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration.” The timeless tradition held each October involves students from all areas of campus life and draws more than 80,000 alumni and friends back home to campus. From the first Harvest Carnival to the Walkaround experience and Sea of Orange Parade held today, OSU’s Homecoming brings out the brightest orange spirit and is a tradition to which no other university can lay claim.

In 2010, the OSU Alumni Association began fundraising for the $3 million Homecoming and Student Programs Endowment as part of the $1 billion Branding Success campaign. OSU is one of the only schools left in the nation with an event like Walkaround, and once fully funded, the endowment will ensure future generations of Cowboys will be able to experience “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration” as we know it today.

Homecoming Decoration on Greek Row