Doel Reed Center in Taos

The Doel Reed Center in Taos extends OSU's reach into another state by offering programs characterized by synergistic, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching, research, and outreach focusing on the Southwest.

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Doel Reed Center Property Fund

20-40550 - This Operating Funds-General Purpose fund benefits students through the General University.

Doel Reed Center Program Fund

20-40750 - This Operating Funds-General Purpose fund benefits students through the General University.

Doel Reed helped establish OSU's Department of Art and directed it until his 1959 retirement to the family property just outside Talpa, N.M. The art community recognizes him as the master of the aquatint, and many of the world's most prestigious museums still feature his aquatints, oil paintings, and drawings. He brought unprecedented acclaim to OSU, which has ensured his contributions will always be appropriately acknowledged by establishing this living laboratory on the property, which daughter, Martha, donated before her December 2010 passing.

Today, OSU students and life-long learners explore diverse topics in this art mecca. Dr. Carol Moder, director of the Center, compares the experience to studying abroad because of how profoundly it has already impacted almost 100 OSU students by immersing them in such a unique culture and geographic area. It also creates a partnership with the Taos community, fostering collaboration that will meet the educational needs of both OSU and the region while stimulating the local economy.

The Doel Reed Center not only benefits the OSU family and northern New Mexico. It also attracts visiting artists and scholars to produce original works, teach seminars, and collaborate with creative minds of any age or academic discipline. By establishing and growing the Center, OSU exhibits its commitment to fulfilling its land-grant mission through community partnership, developing innovative educational opportunities available to all, and significantly advancing the arts and humanities.

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