Callers Group

What is the Cowboy Calling Program?

Comprised of around 50 student fundraisers this enthusiastic group works year around, five days a week to raise funds for the university, focusing their efforts on academic and financial student support. The Cowboy Callers contact alumni, parents and friends of the university.

Your Impact Starts Here

The Cowboy Callers play a significant role in our OSU annual giving efforts. For example, in fiscal year 2018, student callers contacted more than 22,000 alumni and friends. Of these, nearly 25% resulted in a pledge of support to the university, for a total of 5,464 pledges and $620,181 raised.

Working for our program not only raises money for OSU, but also educates student callers about the importance of giving back.

By supporting your passions at Oklahoma State University, a legacy is left at OSU providing students the opportunity to grow and learn at the highest level.

Skylar Bell

Caller of the Month - Skylar Bell

Why did you choose Oklahoma State University?

I chose Oklahoma State University because of the overall atmosphere of the community here in Stillwater. I love the family feel and how close everyone is and how we all work together to accomplish our goals!

What has been your greatest experience at OSU?

My greatest experience at OSU so far was the Bedlam football game in 2017. The excitement of the game and the electric feel in the stadium is something I will never forget.

What are your future career plans?

My future career plans are to go to graduate school to receive my masters in Psychology, then I plan to work for the Choctaw Nation as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

What do you enjoy most about living in Stillwater?

I love living in Stillwater because it has a small town feel, but with the same amount of opportunities a larger town has. I also enjoy how friendly and supportive everyone in the community is.

Crotchett Cowboy Caller Scholarship Recipient

Anisah Beasley

Anisah Beasley is a Senior Human Development & Family Science major from Tulsa, OK. Her focus is in Child and Family Services and she hopes to one day work with individuals and their families in a rehabilitation services center. Her goal after graduating in May is to attend a graduate school program to obtain her certification to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Anisah has been at the call center for just over a year and loves being a part of the cowboy calling team.

"Working at the foundation and in the call center has given me an opportunity to connect with other Cowboys in a way I never have before. I have learned so much through my experience and I can’t wait to continue watching Oklahoma State grow into an even better and even brighter university!"


Strengthening Relationships

More often than not the Cowboy Calling students are the only voice of OSU our supporters hear, therefore, these students play a vital role in establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with our supporters.

Caller Responsibilities

  • Achieve fundraising objectives for each college
  • Reconnect alumni and friends with the university
  • Update alumni information
  • Inform donors on campus happenings and fundraising successes
  • Increase alumni enthusiasm and financial support toward their alma mater
  • Answer any questions or concerns about OSU


Immediately after each phone call the caller signs the pledge card for the person with whom they spoke; these cards are personal in that they identify the caller/signer as an OSU student and contain a brief note of thanks.

All prospective donors should receive correspondence from the Annual Giving office within a week of their call, regardless of whether a pledge was made. This is our commitment in showing you how much your time and thoughtful consideration helps advance the ideals and programs of OSU.


Kathy Sanecki
Kathy Sanecki
Assistant Director of Annual Giving Call Center Management
P (405) 385-5135
C (405) 385-1939