2019 Leisure Learning Courses — enroll now!

First Cowgirl Ann Hargis invites you to attend the 2019 Summer Leisure Learning Courses

Interested in attending a 2019 Leisure Learning Course from July 22-26? Enrollment is open through June 22.

Take a look at these wonderful learning opportunities!

2019 Classes:

Flyfishing — Beginning and Intermediate | Marc Harrell, Veteran Angler

Drawing Canyon, Sage and Sky | Sara Schneckloth, Artist and Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina

Hollywood’s Southwest | Dr. Jeff Menne, Associate Professor of English at OSU

Contemporary New Mexico Cooking | Dr. Carol Moder, Ann & Burns Hargis Professor at OSU and Doel Reed Center Director

Nuclear Bomb and the Land of Enchantment | Dr. Ed Walkiewicz, Professor Emeritus of English at OSU

New Mexico Native Plant Ecology | Sylvia Rains Dennis, Botanist and Restoration Ecologist and Educator for Wildlandance and Yampa Restoration

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