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Join us July 22-26 in Taos, New Mexico for exciting Leisure Learning Courses

2019 Doel Reed Center for the Arts Leisure Learning Courses
Summer Courses — July 22-26 | Taos, New Mexico

Oklahoma State University’s Doel Reed Center for the Arts invites you to participate next summer in an educational experience in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. These classes, designed by expert instructors for inquiring adults, invite you to explore the art, culture and recreational experiences that multicultural Northern New Mexico offers. Classes may combine lectures, discussion, hands-on activities and visits to local sites. Classes will meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To enroll now, visit

Early enrollment course cost: $550 (Deadline is March 31) | Standard course fee after March 31: $600 (Final deadline is June 22)

Beginning & Intermediate Fly-fishing | Marc Harrell
Learn or perfect the skills needed for your fly-fishing journey. Beginners will learn about the skills and equipment needed to become a fly fisherman. Intermediates will review those skills. Then both groups will get the chance to put their skills to the test in local ponds, lakes or rivers with expert guides to lead.

Course fee of $700 ($650 early enrollment, before March 31) - includes a supplemental charge for equipment.

Contemporary New Mexico Cooking | Carol Moder
Chile, corn, chocolate. In this hands-on cooking class, we will experience the ways that contemporary New Mexico cooks transform their culinary creations by incorporating traditional New Mexico ingredients into contemporary dishes.

Drawing Canyon, Sage & Sky | Sara Schneckloth
Where do we find inspiration? How do we turn that inspiration into original artwork? In this workshop you will learn traditional methods to handcraft your own work in charcoal, pastels and watercolor paint, and use these tools to create drawings that reflect the colors, forms, and flavors of Taos, New Mexico.

Hollywood's Southwest | Jeff Menne
Hollywood has been attracted to the New Mexico landscape since the dawn of cinema, largely as an authentic setting for the Western. In this course, we will consider the value that New Mexico has held for Hollywood by viewing clips, full-length movies, and television shows filmed here, as well as by visiting actual locations.

The Nuclear Bomb & the Land of Enchantment | Ed Walkiewicz
Using the story of the Manhattan Project and Neil’s Bohr’s principle of complementarity, this course will compare Western, technological approaches to the natural world with alternative perspectives that also have shaped New Mexico’s history and cultures, including Native American, “counterculture,” and “green” world views. We will visit Los Alamos, the Earthship community, and other relevant area sites.

New Mexico Native Plant Ecology | Sylvia Rains Dennis
The natural biodiversity of the Taos region offers a stunning array of native plants, their pollinators, and wildlife throughout mountain and plateau/canyon life zones. We will begin our discovery of botany with a basic overview of natural habitats and sustainability, then explore field locations that emphasize our unique mosaic of wildflowers, forests, bunchgrass/steppe and wetland/riparian vegetation. We will discuss what we find while learning basic plant identification techniques and creating site descriptions, keeping in mind the example of people living sustainably within these landscapes for many centuries.

For further information on courses, logistics or opportunities to teach courses, contact:

Carol Moder | | 405-612-8295
Hollye Goddard | | 602-465-1644

Save the Date - Fall Leisure Learning Courses: Fall into the Arts courses will be offered September 26 – 28, 2019.