Presidential Priorities

President Burns Hargis has led Oklahoma State University through a transformational period with his leadership throughout the Branding Success campaign and into today, ensuring OSU is the premier land-grant university in the country.

Our President's Leadership

President Burns Hargis

President Burns Hargis is living proof of the promise of Oklahoma State. An OSU graduate — the first to lead the university since 1966 — he has earned a distinguished reputation for effective, passionate leadership in private enterprise and public life. When he began his role as OSU’s 18th president on March 10, 2008, President Hargis wasted no time in making strides toward the bold future he envisioned for this university.

Transformative leadership has been the hallmark of President Hargis' legacy. Through his leadership, OSU has achieved record enrollment, added new facilities and enhanced programming on all five campuses.

It was President Hargis' audacious vision that carried us through Branding Success: The Campaign for OSU, resulting in $1.2 billion given and pledged throughout the duration of the campaign. His belief in the future of OSU has been a motivational force, which has seen participation from tens of thousands of friends and alumni, more than 1,000 new scholarship funds and 135 new endowed faculty positions.

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Our President’s Passions

President Hargis’ bold vision is for this modern land-grant university to cut across disciplinary boundaries, better preparing students for success while shaping them into ethical leaders who will make a positive, meaningful and enduring difference.

“Only one thing holds us back from a position of prominence: a lack of resources. The obstacles before us are in our power to overcome. And the possibilities are exhilarating.”

Below are just a few areas of interest of which President Hargis is most passionate. If you share the same passion for OSU, learn more about these initiatives and make your impact today.

Make An Impact

One way to support President Hargis' vision for the university is through President's Fellows, a unique society made up of the most passionate and loyal Oklahoma State University alumni and supporters. It provides an opportunity to support the larger priorities of our university through the leadership of President Hargis.

Your annual commitment of $10,000 or more to the President's Fellows fund means you believe in a better OSU and are partnering with President Hargis to provide vital resources where and when they are needed most.

For more information about how to support our university as a part of President's Fellows, visit our President's Fellows page.