Oklahoma State Scholars Society

The Oklahoma State Scholars Society is a premier scholar development program that was founded to recognize and reward Oklahoma’s own high-achieving undergraduate students. The scholars program educates the next generation of leaders, innovators and visionaries at OSU.

Areas of Impact

When you support the Oklahoma State Scholars Society, you help shape the future for Oklahoma State University. By contributing to the fund(s) below, you make our future brighter orange!

Oklahoma State Scholars Society Endowment Fund

20-00730 - This prestigious scholarship fund supports Oklahoma's high achieving undergradute students.

A Commitment to Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Scholars Society is a deliberate commitment to excellence as OSU strives to be a destination-of-choice for the state’s most promising students. The programs ensure these academically gifted students receive unique academic and research opportunities coupled with financial support to match their talent.

"This new program makes OSU a statewide leader in supporting high-potential Oklahoma students with an outstanding scholarship and rich mentoring opportunities."
Burns Hargis, President of Oklahoma State University

Impact the future; Cultivate a leader

The program recognizes annually 20 students in total, with five fellows and 15 members of the Oklahoma State Scholars Society. The fellows receive up to $84,500 in scholarship and financial aid support, which is equal to the full cost of attendance for four years. The members also receive financial support up to $28,000 over four years.

Investment opportunities include the following:

  • A gift of $12.5 million launches this premier program and affords Oklahoma State the opportunity to educate Oklahoma’s most talented leaders. Within a four-year period, 80 students will be substantially impacted by this support.
  • A gift of $1.1 million guarantees each Oklahoma State Scholars Society Fellow receives an experience aimed at elevating the intellect, perspective and opportunities through travel abroad support. Support of this program has the potential of impacting 20 students within the society.

Your gift can cultivate a leader, create the next CEO of a company, launch an inventor, fulfill a dream. We need you! Invest in the Oklahoma State Scholars Society today!