Charitable Gift Annuity Rates Have Increased

Through a charitable gift annuity, you transfer cash or an appreciated property to the OSU Foundation. In return, you are promised a fixed payment for life, with rates based on your age. You can even defer the payments to begin later, such as at retirement, or designate them to another beneficiary, such as a loved one. Some of the income may be tax-free as well.

United States tax laws encourage charitable gifts and embrace philanthropic-planning strategies such as charitable gift annuities. These strategies can give you the opportunity to transform the future of Oklahoma State University. Click here to learn more about these changes. Follow this link to view states that issue charitable gift annuities

This is just one of many ways you can choose to support OSU through a planned gift. You can read about others on our Estate Planning page. Our friendly staff is also happy to answer your questions and help you determine the best options for your particular situation. You can contact Sarah Brown at, or call 405-385-5151.