Inaugural Tuition Freedom Week on Campus

Events to raise awareness about the support from state and private donations

The Oklahoma State University Foundation and OSU Student Foundation celebrated the university’s essential state and private supporters during Tuition Freedom Week March 2nd through 6th, 2015.

Students engaged in a week of campuswide events, from tagging buildings and classrooms supported by state funding or private donors to placing empty chairs on campus signifying the number of endowed chairs that are supported by donors. These events focused on showcasing the scholarships, facilities, faculty positions and programs OSU maintains to raise awareness about where funding comes from and to show thanks to valued donors.

Tuition Freedom Week

Empty chairs were placed on campus representing the number of endowed chairs supported by private funding.

The campaign also educated students on the importance and magnitude of OSU’s philosophy while allowing them to show their appreciation to donors. Hashtags #OSUTFW and #IHeartDonors created a wave of appreciation that capped the campaign.

On average, finances from tuition and fees fund 75 percent of an academic year at OSU. Donations help cover the costs needed for students to fund their education, sustain endowed faculty positions and foster an innovative campus atmosphere.

President Burns Hargis says the cost of tuition and fees is a key factor in whether students pursue higher education.

"It’s great for the legislature to recognize the fact that their appropriations are really making a difference, and it’s especially nice for our donors.” President Burns Hargis

Students such as Emalee Williams, a strategic-communications major and first-generation college student, are directly impacted by donor support. She is able to pursue her dreams of becoming an associate for a nonprofit organization thanks to gracious contributors who provide college opportunities.

To learn more about Tuition Freedom Week or see pictures and video from this year's events, visit
Tuition Freedom Week online.