Scholarships Greatly Increase Accessibility For Students

Rogers' senior show inspired by trip to Taos

Doel Reed Center for the Arts

While many students compare their time at the Doel Reed Center for the Arts to a study-abroad experience, they consistently point to scholarships as the reason they did—or could—spend a few weeks in Taos.

"Scholarships are hugely important," said Carol Moder, director of the Doel Reed Center for the Arts. "The donations have been just incredible. This summer we are offering about 30 scholarships, and that is what makes it possible for us to have so many students in so many classes."

Last summer, Maggie Rogers visited the Reed Center thanks to the Smith and Nancy Holt Internship scholarship. The Holts have been supporters of the project since its early days.

Rogers completed her studio art degree with a focus on jewelry metals in May. The Vian, Oklahoma, native was deeply inspired by her participation in "The Artist's Sketchbook: Learning About Taos Through Drawing." As part of her senior capstone exhibition, she created jewelry that highlights that inspiration in "dropback necklaces with bold silver fronts and handcut stones in the back."

"I have always loved turquoise and silver, and that kind of jewelry was everywhere in Taos," Rogers said. "We went hiking there, and I started picking up rocks that I thought were cool. Some of my jewelry has stones from a rock that I picked up in Taos. My biggest influence came from the jewelry of Millicent Rogers (no relation) after we visited her museum."

Maggie Rogers said she had decided early on that she would take a course at the center if she received a scholarship.

"I would definitely like to say thank you to the Holts," Rogers said. "I am very thankful for everyone who has helped provide the opportunity for me and other students like myself to go."

As she pursues a career in jewelry, she looks back on her time at the Reed Center as a life-changing experience. She says it has not only increased her confidence as an artist, but also inspired her to travel more so she can experience different cultures and learn even more.

"I believe if you do not see new things and try new things you will become stagnant," Rogers said. "I was obviously extremely inspired by this trip, and I will always remember those two weeks and use that experience to motivate me to continue to travel and be inspired by this beautiful world we live in. I encourage other students to look into scholarships to visit Taos and other places because it can change the direction of their life."

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