The OSU Student Foundation, or StuFu, is a service organization that promotes philanthropy through in a variety of events on the OSU campus. These events allow our students to interact and build lasting relationships with OSU alumni and friends, and instill a desire for philanthropy across the student body.

Our Service

The purpose of StuFu is to educate students about the impact and importance of philanthropic giving by facilitating student giving campaigns. StuFu serves OSU by building, cultivating, and sustaining relationships with the OSU community by acting as a bridge between the student body, community, donors, and the OSU Foundation.


StuFu helping students say thank you in a BIG way to donors during Homecoming


Participating in CowboyThx Week is part of the OSU Traditions Keepers program. Throughout the year, StuFu is on campus encouraging the spirit of philanthropy in all students. CowboyThx Week is a way for the students to say ‘Thank You’ to the donors and alumni that make Oklahoma State great! In 2012, StuFu developed CowboyThx week, educating the student body about the impact donors are making and giving students a way to express their gratitude. CowboyThx week has become a staple on campus in the years since its establishment. Each year, during Homecoming week, students write thank you letters, sign a giant banner and use #CowboyThx on social media to share their appreciation for the incredible generosity of the donors to OSU.


StuFu calls thousands of donors every year just to say “thank you!”


Each semester, StuFu members set aside an evening to call those who have contributed to OSU and thank them for their generosity. During each Thank-a-thon, StuFu members place hundreds of calls to donors across the country in an effort to express the gratitude and appreciation of the student body to those who are investing in the future of Oklahoma State.


Students on campus promoting PhilanthroPete


Giving to PhilanthroPete is part of the OSU Traditions Keepers program. Oklahoma State University has it’s very own crowdfunding platform, PhilanthroPete! PhilanthroPete empowers OSU units, departments, and student organizations make projects a reality through fundraising. Learn how projects can be created and supported by the Cowboy community using PhilanthroPete.

Love O-State Week

Love O-State Week Donor Panel with Mike & Anne Greenwood

Love O-State Week

Love O-State Week is dedicated to bringing student awareness of donors’ impacts on campus. The week consists of Faculty Day, Facilities Day, and Donor Panel Day. Faculty Day highlights how endowments have affected professor’s work and research. Facilities Day highlights privately funded facilities by marking some with a decal. On Donor Panel Day students have the opportunity to hear from prominent OSU donors on why they choose to give.