The OSU Student Foundation, or OSU StuFu, is a service organization that promotes philanthropy through in a variety of events on the OSU campus. These events allow our students to interact and build lasting relationships with OSU alumni and friends, and instill a desire for philanthropy across the student body.

Our Passion

The Student Foundation strives to support the mission and purpose of the OSU Foundation by providing a student perspective on giving, promoting awareness of the ways private gifts impact student life, and establishing a culture of philanthropy that enhances the future of Oklahoma State University.

Calendar of Events

Spring 2018
  1. January 15 - MLK Day
  2. January 16 - Classes Start
  3. February 6 - Meeting
  4. February 11 - Membership Retreat 3-5 p.m.
  5. February 20 - Meeting
  6. February 23 - Thank-a-Thon 5-7 p.m.
  7. February 26 - March 2 - Love O-State Week
  8. March 6 - Meeting
  9. March 19-23 Spring Break
  10. March 27 - Meeting
  11. April (Beginning) - Philanthropete
  12. April 5 - Women for OSU
  13. April 10 - Meeting
  14. April 10 - 11 - Give Orange
  15. April 13 - Thank-a-Thon 5-7 p.m.
  16. April 24 - Meeting
  17. May 1- End of Year Party

Note from the President

StuFu President

Cassidy Gierhart, Student Foundation President

The Student Foundation has experienced much growth since it was founded. From CowboyThx Week to PhilanthroPete, StuFu has impacted the lives of many students and donors. Our members are passionate about philanthropy and donor stewardship and work hard to educate the student body as well. We are so excited about the role we continue to get to play at this university.

In 2016, the Student Foundation received several awards at the National level at CASE ASAP (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and Affiliated Student Advancement Programs). We were recognized as an Outstanding Student Organization as well as having an Outstanding Student Advancement Program. We are incredibly thankful to have been recognized in these areas, as OSU StuFu has worked so hard over the past few years to make a positive impact at Oklahoma State University. The Student Foundation is a wonderful organization that works so hard for this campus. I can’t wait to see the legacy we leave at OSU. I am so proud to have the opportunity to lead the Student Foundation in growth, passion and excitement for philanthropy and stewardship.

Cassidy Gierhart
Student Foundation President
Chemical Engineering, Class of 2018

Member Spotlight - Amanda Schmitz

Amanda Schmitz

Amanda Schmitz, Chemical Engineering

What does philanthropy mean to you?
When I think of philanthropy I think of the quote, “To whom much has been given, much is expected.” I love being a part of Student Foundation because I think it is important to give back to the college that has given so much to me. Additionally, as an out of state student, I would not be able to attend Oklahoma State without scholarships from generous donors. I think it is important to bring awareness to the student body about how much donors affect our college experiences. I feel like I can give back a (very small) portion of what donors have given to me by thanking donors and encouraging students to do the same.

What is your favorite Student Foundation memory?
My favorite memory from STUFU definitely comes from tabling for CowboyThx week. Tabling is fun because I get to talk with a wide range of students I would not normally get to interact with. Along with meeting new people, I get to explain Student Foundation and our goals to the student body. It is fun to be able to share something you are passionate about and see other people get excited. 

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be and why?
If I could have an endless supply of food it would be pizza. Not only is it my favorite food but you can have it for every meal ( I love cold pizza for breakfast) so I wouldn’t have to buy as many groceries!

Member Spotlight - Hunter Starr

Hunter Starr

Hunter Starr, Agricultural Business

What does philanthropy mean to you?
To me, philanthropy means to recognize a need and then figure out what you can do about it. I have always had a passion for giving, but joining Student Foundation really allowed me to find a medium to channel my love for philanthropy and surround myself with others who share the same passion. Through Student Foundation, we continually recognize the needs of different students or organizations on campus and then do what we can to make a difference. By surrounding myself with some of the most selfless and giving people I know, my love for philanthropy has grown and will continue to.

What is your favorite Student Foundation memory?
One of my favorite Student Foundation memories is one I will never forget. Amongst several other Student Foundation members, Rachel, Braden, and I were volunteering during the OSU Heritage event, an event to honor donors who have written a portion of their estate to OSU. Not long into the campus tour portion, we made a connection with one of the donors. Before we knew it, we were all setting together laughing and sharing stories as we get to know each other better. We ended up exchanging contact information at the close of the event and still stay in contact with each other. Due to busy schedules, we unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to all meet up again, but I look forward to the day that we do!

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be and why?
If I could have an endless supply of any food, it would without a doubt be my mom’s chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes! For me, that is the true definition of comfort food and will forever remind me of many of the warm memories of home.

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OSU Student Foundation Advisors - John Grice & Anna McCrarey