The OSU Student Foundation, or OSU StuFu, is a service organization that promotes philanthropy through in a variety of events on the OSU campus. These events allow our students to interact and build lasting relationships with OSU alumni and friends, and instill a desire for philanthropy across the student body.

Our Passion

The Student Foundation strives to support the mission and purpose of the OSU Foundation by providing a student perspective on giving, promoting awareness of the ways private gifts impact student life, and establishing a culture of philanthropy that enhances the future of Oklahoma State University.

Calendar of Events

  1. Tuesday, January 31, 5:30pm - General Meeting
  2. Friday, February 3, 5:30pm - Spring Thank-A-Thon
  3. Tuesday, February 14, 5:30pm - General Meeting
  4. Tuesday, February 28, 5:30pm - General Meeting
  5. Wednesday, March 1 - Cowboy Strong Student Emergency Fund Kickoff
  6. Tuesday, March 21 - PhilanthroPete Volunteer Training
  7. March 27-April 31 - PhilanthroPete Week
  8. Tuesday, March 28, 5:30pm - General Meeting
  9. Tuesday, April 11, 5:30pm - General Meeting
  10. April 11-April 12 - Give Orange, OSU’s Day of Giving
  11. Tuesday, April 25, 5:30pm - General Meeting
  12. Tuesday, May 2, 5:30pm - End of Year Party

Note from the President

StuFu President

Jordan Burns, StuFu President

Entering our eighth year of existence here at OSU, our organization has experienced an astounding amount of growth since its founding, and our members are passionate about making a lasting difference on our campus and in the lives of students. Throughout the year, our members play a major role in thanking donors to our university as well as cultivating a culture of philanthropy on OSU’s campus by encouraging students to give back, developing the next generation of generous alumni.

In August, Student Foundation received several awards at the National level at CASE ASAP (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and Affiliated Student Advancement Programs). Student Foundation was recognized as an Outstanding Student Organization among over 100 student programs at universities around the nation. One of our programs, Tuition Freedom Week, was awarded National Outstanding Student Advancement Program. We as a Student Foundation are incredibly proud of these accomplishments, and we hope to use this recognition to continue pushing forward and creating change on our campus. I am incredibly proud to watch students from diverse backgrounds, majors, and ages come together with a shared attitude of gratefulness and a desire to improve student lives. I am honored to serve as Student Foundation President this year, and I believe that together, we can inspire a culture of giving at OSU.

Go Pokes,

Jordan Burns
Student Foundation President
Chemical Engineering, Class of 2017

Member Spotlight - Chelsey Johnson

Chelsey Johnson

Chelsey Johnson

What is your favorite part of being involved in StuFu?
I’ve been in Student Foundation since my freshmen year, and so being in my fourth and final year at OSU, I’m seeing just how much of an impact Student Foundation has had on my time in Stillwater. My favorite part of being involved in StuFu is the love it has cultivated for OSU in my life. Loving this university is what bonds students, alumni, and donors of all ages. Having the opportunity to remind people what they love about OSU has increased my own tenfold!

What is your favorite OSU tradition?
Singing the Alma Mater at football games and university gatherings is my favorite OSU tradition. I get choked up every time! Just thinking about singing it for the first time as an alumna at graduation in May gets me emotional.

What is your favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus is 242 Student Union, the Study Abroad Office. That corner of the Student Union changed my life when I learned about studying abroad, and subsequently spent a semester in Estonia. I now work there as a Peer Advisor and get to help OSU students’ dreams of seeing the world come true every day!

Would you rather be Pistol Pete or Bullet and why?
I would totally rather be Bullet. He’s the life of the party and always around for the touchdowns and good times. When I’m around, I want people to be excited! I also wouldn’t mind Larry Reece announcing my name every time I entered a room.

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OSU Student Foundation Advisor - John Grice