Veteran Services

Established in July 2015, the OSU Veteran Student Academic Services office aids the transition from military service to the classroom. Programs provide services and support, as well as creating greater recognition and awareness for veterans and military-affiliated students on campus. Training programs for faculty and staff create a culture of trust and connectedness across campus.

Giving Opportunities

Veteran Services

Veterans Week Events
Weeklong schedule of events to honor veterans and military-affiliated students, faculty, staff and the community on OSU campus in November. Includes recognition ceremony, awards dinner, scholarships and program. Begins with Veterans Day Flags and Kickoff BBQ.

  1. Veterans Day Flags and Kickoff BBQ
    Show of veteran support on OSU campus with nearly 7,000 flags on Library Lawn and celebration BBQ.
    Sponsor kickoff event for $10,000
    Sponsor kickoff and weeklong activities for $20,000

Women Veterans Symposium and Luncheon
Daylong annual forum for networking and educational presentations. In 2016, 67 veteran and military-affiliated participants attended from the region. Spring event with “Challenge Yourself, Continue to Lead” theme and public service focus.
Annual Sponsorship: $10,000

Green Zone Training
OSU faculty/staff program to create highly trained point people specially identified to communicate, intercede and connect with veteran students to troubleshoot and aid in integration on campus. They create safe zones for veteran students.
$5,000 per year, up to 5-year commitment

Operation Identify
Provide orange and black paracord bracelets for OSU veteran students, faculty and staff to create visual identity and connection among all veterans on campus.

Endowed Scholarship for Veteran or Military-Affiliated Student
$25,000 minimum

Endowed Scholarship for the Spouse of a Veteran or Active-Duty Personnel
$25,000 minimum

Endowed Scholarship for the Child of a Veteran or Active-Duty Personnel
$25,000 minimum

Endowed Graduate Fellowship for Veteran or Military-Affiliated Student
$50,000 minimum

Engagement/Volunteer Opportunities

Veteran Alumni Chapter
Help guide campus activities for veterans as part of this board.

Assisting with Green Zone Training
Volunteer to help faculty and staff learn to be an advocate and support group for veterans.

Veterans Week Events
Assist with the setup, communication and activities for Veterans Week.

First veteran scholarship fund established at OSU


An anonymous alumna and her husband have created the Veteran Appreciation Scholarship Fund at Oklahoma State University to benefit veterans and other military-affiliated students on campus. This is the first scholarship fund established specifically to help veterans or dependents who qualify to receive the veteran’s GI Bill benefits.

Areas of Impact

OSU is accelerating toward breakthroughs critically important to Oklahoma and the world. When you support Veteran Services, your gift is an investment in academic excellence. Below are just a few of the funds that ensure the future for our students and faculty is bright orange!

  1. Veteran Appreciation Scholarship/Fellowship 20-00380
  2. Veterans Emergency Fund 20-19650
  3. Veteran Affairs, University College 20-66350

To learn more about giving opportunities related to Veteran Student Academic Services at OSU, contact Amanda Davis.