Since 1950, Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks has been linking plant breeders and certified seed growers. As part of the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, the OFSS ensures large quantities of genetically pure seeds of a wide variety of desirable varieties are made available to growers of certified seed.



In the United States, there are 55 million acres of wheat being produced, most of which is harvested in the heartland. As demand increases, so does the need for programs like the Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks within the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at OSU, which provides farmers across the region with new and improved seed varieties to create more efficient, higher yielding crops. Foundation Seed is the vital link between OSU’s award winning plant breeders and a large and growing network of certified dealers in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Foundation Seed products and services help keep Oklahoma’s agricultural economy strong.


Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks doubled its annual production of Foundation-class seed over the last five years to meet the increased demand for the latest high-performance wheat, peanut and grass varieties. A new $4 million facility will accommodate the rapidly growing demand and allow higher distribution of the innovative products created at Oklahoma State.

The new building complex will include a warehouse, seed cleaning facility, cold room, machinery shed and offices. Planned at more than 20,000 square feet, it will be approximately twice as large as the current Foundation Seed complex.

“Foundation Seed products and services provide the critical bridge between agricultural research and commercial practice. Without this connection, inventions in the form of new plant varieties would lack the necessary startup production and quality control to reach and impact the public. Scale-up alone is not enough; genetic purity must be controlled throughout the lifespan of a plant variety invention to preserve its unique qualities. Investing in Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks today ensures that research gets across that bridge tomorrow.” Dr. Brett Carver, OSU Regents Professor, Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture


There are many ways for you to get involved in this important project. Naming opportunities are available. Join us as we prepare for our future. The new facility for the Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks will have adequate warehouse room and administrative space to accommodate the growing demand for high-efficient seed varieties.

Make Your Impact

Your financial contribution to the Foundation Seed Stocks Building is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and 100% of your gift will be directed to the building project.

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For more information about giving opportunities for Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks, contact Heidi Griswold.

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