When progress comes as fast and furious as it does at OSU, the challenge is to keep facilities and equipment up to the task. That requires construction of stellar buildings, renovating existing structures to address modern and future needs, and utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Equipping students and faculty with advanced facilities is essential to community-building and discovery in the 21st century. Collaborative spaces host multidisciplinary research to address today’s complex problems. Classrooms and lecture halls are designed to maximize students’ understanding and retention of crucial lessons. Laboratories are filled with the best equipment and technology to facilitate hands-on learning experiences and innovative research breakthroughs.


The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts

As the new home of the Department of Music, the McKnight Center for the Performing Arts will host traveling stage productions as well as operas, orchestra and other student performances led by the OSU’s acclaimed faculty. LEARN MORE

Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music

The Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music will be a premier music education facility that harnesses the synergy of research, talent and incomparable hands-on learning experiences available only at Oklahoma State University. LEARN MORE

Business Building

A new landmark building for the Spears School of Business will provide students more opportunities to think big, learn by doing and show the world we take the academics and of business seriously. LEARN MORE


A new building dedicated to undergraduate labs will further support the college’s success and add value to the quality of each degree earned from CEAT. LEARN MORE

Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks

Since 1950, Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks has been linking plant breeders and certified seed growers. As part of the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, the OFSS ensures large quantities of genetically pure seeds of a wide variety of desirable varieties are made available to growers of certified seed. LEARN MORE