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The Women for OSU Partners provides women with a great opportunity to get involved with the group and help support student scholarships and programs.

Who are the Women for OSU Partners?

Become a Women for OSU Partner today to make a difference!

The Women for OSU Partners provide women with a great opportunity to support scholarships and programs while connecting with other women passionate about OSU. There is power in our unity, and together we can make a significant impact on our students at Oklahoma State by providing an example of selfless giving and collaboration.

You can become a Women for OSU Partner today with a minimum contribution of $1,000 annually to the Women for OSU Scholarship Fund. Symposium sponsors are also recognized as Women for OSU Partners.

NEW: For those age 35 and younger, you can become a Women for OSU Partner with a minimum annual contribution of $500.

Women for OSU Partners receive the following benefits:

  1. Special reports about your impact, including the Women for OSU newsletter and Scholar Spotlights
  2. A “thank you” visit or call from a member of the Women for OSU team
  3. Invitations to regional Women for OSU events
  4. An invitation to the annual spring Symposium and VIP sponsor reception
  5. Recognition online and in Symposium publications, Women for OSU newsletters, and other media, including STATE magazine
  6. Joint membership in the OSU Foundation’s Loyal & True donor recognition giving society

The joy and satisfaction of standing together with other women to make an impact on this great university is the ultimate reward in giving back. Together, we can change lives and ensure the future of our next generation of leaders and philanthropists!

If you are interested in joining the Women for OSU Partners, please contact Mandy Heaps.

Current Partners

(as of 12-7-17)

Rosemary Addy
Nancy Allford
Karen Anderson
Susan Anderson
Ginny Bailey
Courtney Baugher*
Sheryl Benbrook
Kimberly Berry
Dana Bessinger
Cindy Birdwell
Robin Byford*
Ann Caine
Jenny Carter
Tracie Chapman
Debbie Clagg
Amy Cline*
Linda Cline
Jan Cloyde*
Shari Clymer
Pat Cobb*
Sharri Conway
Teresa Cooper
Suzie Crowder*
Patrick and Suzanne Day
Lee Denney
Georganna Dorney
Damona Doye
Cindy Eimen*
Kayleen Ferguson
Malinda Berry Fischer
Karen Gallagher
Rodette Green
Shellie Greiner
Jennifer Grigsby*
Leah Gungoll*
Ann Halligan
Sue Healey
Pam Holton
Vicki Howard
Cathey Humphreys*
Claudia Humphreys*
Adrienne Hyle
Austyn Iven
Susan Jacques*
Judy Johnson*
Sharon Keating
Susan Kenslow
Wynter Williams Kipgen, M.D.
Dr. Pat Knaub
Christina Lamb
Jami Longacre*
Lori Maine

Johnna Marshall
Michelle Martin*
Shirley Martin
Peggy McCormick
Retta Miller*
Amy Mitchell*
Lele Murphy
Annette Murray
Beth Nelson
Patty Neises
Ann Oglesby*
Susan Orndoff
Margaret Park
Linda M. Phillips
Roxanne Pollard*
Jennifer Poole*
Trish Houston Prawl*
Grace Provence*
Cristy Racy
Cindy Riesen
Helen Newman Roche*
Susan Rogers
Beverly Schafer
Jenelle Schatz*
Gwen Shaw*
Dana Snyder/Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
Becky Steen*
Kimberly Summe
Lucina Thompson*
Sharon Trojan*
Diane Tuttle*
Cindy Waits*
LaJean Whitcomb
Leslie Woolley*
Kathy Yeaman
* Denotes Women for OSU Council Member

Bank of Oklahoma
OSU College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
OSU Spears School of Business
OSU Academic Affairs
OSU College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
OSU Foundation
OSU Master of International Agriculture Program
OSU President’s Office

To learn more about giving opportunities within Women for OSU, contact Michal Shaw.